Noosphere: Tactile Sensing for General Purpose Robot Learning

Demonstrations with the PR2 Robots, and the low-cost Mobile ALOHA project project, might suggest that technologies for building general-purpose robots are on the verge of readiness, as these can be teleoperated to perform a wide range of daily tasks effectively. However, devoid of tactile sensing feedback, such robots have not yet been shown to possess the dexterous interactive learning capabilities that animals have — even before they develop language. With that, within the tactile sensing community, there is a growing discussion around the idea that touch is a fundamental capability for learning. After all, intelligent animals, including humans, are equipped with tactile sensing from a very early age.

With research on tactile sensing and robotic learning being at a peak point, Noosphere, like its namesake, is a timely and exciting workshop that brings together researchers from tactile sensing and sensors, simulation methods for Sim2Real learning, grasping and manipulation, and interactive perception.

Noosphere (noun): a postulated sphere or stage of evolutionary development dominated by consciousness, the mind, and interpersonal relationships.

Invited Speakers

Call for papers and posters

We invite you to submit already accepted works or ongoing research in the format of extended abstracts. The papers are expected to be two pages long and to follow the conference template. Accepted works will be invited to exhibit their poster during the workshop coffe break.

Submissions are now open (here) !

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